2/17/2010 Natural multi-mineral complex

Aquamin is pure natural product made out of a particular seagrass sceleton.

The seagrass, called Lithothamnion Coralloides, has been collected in southwest Ireland and northwest Island coasts, in pure Atlantic Oceans´waters.


  • is natural source for mineral food enrichment and for supplement nutrition
  • is unique mineral extracted from seaweed
  • is rich in calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and more than 70 other important trace elements (micronutrient, microelement)
  • dispose of special physical and chemical attributes, due to become natural source of sea bioactive minerals as enrichment of food
  • its unique capacity of high absorbancy can improve health conditions of bones and entire body
  • is intended for producers of nutrition supplements as well as for final consumers

Production facilities (units) are fully ISO and HACCP certified and are subject to strict control of GMP.


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